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TITAN Required Parts List

TITAN Required Parts List

Here is a complete list of parts required to get your TITAN Tricopter flying. For specific part suggestions, check out the Tested Setups page. You should also look at the Choosing Your Electronics Guide, and the Complete TITAN Assembly Guide before you decide to build a TITAN.

If you’re new to multirotors, you can expect to spend around $300-$400 on electronics and support equipment plus $70-$300 or more on a radio if you are starting from scratch. If you already have a radio and things like a prop-balancer, LiPo battery charger etc.; you should be around $250 in electronics.

  • Multirotor flight controller (1)
  • Brushless motors with prop adapters (3)
  • Brushless electronic speed controllers or “ESCs” (3)
  • Yaw servo (1)
  • 3s or 4s LiPo batteries
  • Standard and reverse rotation propellers
  • Programmable 4 or more channel transmitter with compatible receiver
  • Power distribution wiring harness
    • If you are making your own (see this guide):
      • 16 gauge silicone jacketed wire
      • Heat shrink tubing
      • Battery connector
      • Bullet connectors to connect to your ESCs
    • If you are buying a pre made harness:
      • Make sure the battery connector matches the battery you choose
      • Must have connections for 3 ESCs
  • Male to male servo extension wires (4 or more if you are using a radio with more channels)
  • Male to female servo extension wires for ESCs and yaw servo (4)
  • Battery voltage alarm (if your flight controller doesn’t have one)
  • Velcro battery strap (1)
  • Adhesive backed Velcro for attaching electronics and securing battery better
  • Lots of mini 4” (18lb) cable-ties
  • LiPo battery charger, charge sack and power supply
  • Prop-balancer

NOTE: pay attention to the parts you are choosing- do your ESCs and motors come with pre-soldered connectors? Do they match? Are you prepared to solder connectors on if they don’t come with connectors? Think through how everything will be connected before you buy!


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