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  • Motor mount on a carbon fiber boom with a silicone boom sleeve.
  • Motor mount screw pattern dimensions.
  • Image 3
  • Shown with a 28mm and 35mm outrunner installed.
  • Image 5
  • 16mm, 19mm, and 25mm screw patterns.
  • 35mm and 28mm outrunners
  • Parts are shipped hot off the laser cutter- you will need to remove the protective masking tape and clean them before use

TITAN/Brawler motor mount


 Product Description

Simple, tough, and light!

  • Attaches to your booms with a pair of 4” (18lb) mini cable-ties, holds tight in flight but will break away in a crash to help protect your motor and shaft from damage
  • Compatible with outrunner motors up to 35mm in diameter
  • 16, 19, and 25mm screw patterns fit most common outrunner motors.
  • Made from tough 1/8” thick laser-cut black Delrin
  • For 10mm booms, works best with silicone motor mount pads
  • Weight: 3g each
  • Sold each, includes motor mounting plate only

NOTE: if your motor only has a 19x19mm mounting screw pattern (most motors have 16x19mm or 19x25mm screw patterns), then you may need to rotate the orientation of the motor 45deg and drill new holes- the reason is that the 19mm spaced holes are furthest from cable-tie points and are therefore the weakest, and the second pair of holes will land right between the 16 and 25mm holes. If you can only use the 16mm or 25mm pair of holes then you will be fine because they are so close to the cable-tie mounts.

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