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Camera Mount Assembly Instructions

Camera Mount Assembly Instructions


Remove all of the masking tape and clean parts with soapy water if necessary. Using a small screwdriver, punch out the unused plastic from the holes

Step 2

Slide the support beam through the slot on the camera plate as shown, then rotate it down so that the tabs fit into the slots. Use a screwdriver handle to tap the tabs into place. Note the orientation of the camera platform in the pictures, the completed platform should have the offshoot pointing toward the right side of the aircraft.



Step 3

Install the cable-ties as shown



Step 4

Install the angle mounts onto the camera plate using the handle of a screwdriver to tap them into place. Note that the camera plate is not symmetrical, make sure that the Velcro strap slots line up with those on the main camera platform.


Step 5

Cut 4 pieces of tubing to 1” long. Install the tubing using the included screws. Do not make the screws too tight, the tubing should just be tight enough that it does not spin freely.


Step 6

Install your GoPro onto the camera platform. Use the silicone pad to keep the camera from sliding (note that the silicone pad should be cleaned regularly to keep it sticky). The camera can be installed with or without the angle platform.



Step 7

Install the platform onto the aircraft frame. Again, the screws should only be tight enough so there is no slop. Now, look at the camera head-on and make sure that the camera is parallel with the frame, if it is off by a little, you can tighten the screw on the long side to take up a bit of tubing. If it is off more than a couple of degrees you will have to trim the longer piece of tubing.


Step 9

Install your battery onto the bottom of the camera platform using Velcro and a battery strap. The weight of the battery will help keep the platform stable.



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